Monday, July 6, 2009

Eliott's Pose'

July 1st.

hahahaha, hory mory! where the heck do i start? Well, you say elder basically the same and it is spelled with only one different thing... Élder. My new companion's name is Elder Jordan Dallas Pierson. He is from draper and a really freakin sweet guy!! He is basically a big ól teddy bear. Big, tan, hairy(he has EPIC chest hair), and the nicest guy you will ever meet. He has done Brazillian Jiujitsu for like six years and has the body of an olympian, but he is totally awesome at the language and helping me tons and tons. I am a little sad this week cause my first brazillian roomates left this week and they were the coolest guys ever. I have new ones since i just moved into a room that is two down from my other one and Elder Pierson didn´t have any at first. The best way the situation has been described to me is its like getting a puppy. YOu love them and want them to come with you everywhere... then the puppy gets hit by a car. Your parents get you a new puppy, but it's just not the same... Oh well. Yep, still at the top of the building. Plus, my quads are basically like a speedskater's now so if you could send me bigger pants that would be wonderful! (kidding) But seriously, could you maybe find my headlamp and send it down here, that would be basically it. Still have peanut butter;)The temple is about an hour in brazillian traffic. They don't speak by distance here, just time. I would imagine why is because i have yet to see a single strait street. Esse local é loco!! If you mean i am getting used to the effects of beans everyday... nope, but the menu here is good, even though it is often the same. Oh, the best breakfast ever that is here and not in the states, not too crazy, chocolate frosted flakes!!! Genuis!!Sorry i wasn't able to reply to everything today, only a half an hour.... but it is free, so....I am glad to hear that everyone is allright and at least not deep fried;)Love you tons!!!
p.s.I did get the pictures! eu estou animadu!!!Eu te amo!!!

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Yeah! New companion. I'm glad to hear that you like him. What's his name? Ihope you don't have too many that you clash with but I'm sure it will happenat least once (or twice). What kind of trouble were you having? Did you moverooms then? Are you still on the fifth floor? I'm so glad that you get to goto the temple so often. How far away is it from the CTM? Are you adjustingto the food yet? I'm sure that you don't totally suck with the language itjust takes a while to learn. You have only been going for 5 weeks. You'llget it. I can't wait to hear you speak Portuguese! That will be so awesome!I hope you will run into Elder Giles. I guess he still has 2 months until heleaves Utah and then he will be in the CTM for 2 months. You will be totallyfluent by the time you see him. So no one else that I know has died of the Swine flu but McKel was sickwith it, but she didn't die. I guess almost her entire ward was quarantined!Crazy huh? Susan Jeager is in the hospital, not with swine flu though. Shewent in for a surgery and came home. Her dad found her collapsed in front ofthe bathroom door in the middle of the night. They took her back in andfound more infection. They found out that she was diabetic and while she wasat the hospital, she went into a diabetic coma. Last I heard they weregetting everything stabilized. Ireland went to the pool last week and laid out for the first time thissummer. She decided to use some tanning oil and now she is FRIED! I went andgot some first aid burn gel but she says that is really doesn't help. I feelbad but it's one of those DUH moments. I think she called in sick to workshe is in so much pain and putting jeans on would be torture. OUCH! Alex came over the other day and we got her application filled out for herfasfa. We are going in to SLCC Thursday to talk to a counselor and tofinancial aid. I hope we can get her signed up. She still wants to become abeautician. Ireland is going to go get registered for classes as well. Ithink I will get signed up for fall classes. I don't think I will be takingtoo many interior design classes though. Non of the classes fit my workschedule. On Saturday we all went to the Zoo to listen to Preston perform. I'm notsure how he got that venue but whatever. He sang the two songs that he wroteand then he sang about 5 other songs. He did great! I recorded it but youcan't hear him too well over the rain. It was pouring buckets and you couldhear it hitting the umbrella that I was standing under. Because of the rainnot too many people stopped to listen, but it was still cool. It was goodpractice for him. I think he is performing again at some church where thereare a bunch of people making their debuts. Haley and Parker were there andit was fun to ask Parker questions about the CTM and about Brazil. Hepurchased some Brazilian candy for us and some Guarrina. The candy that wetried is not my favorite. Some of it was nasty. I guess you get used to whatyou grow up with. We haven't tried the Guarrina yet. There was some otherkind of food that Parker wants you to try. I think he said it is calledQuatch. (I don't know how it is spelled.) He said he tried to find some forus but I guess they don't import it. He said it was really good. Let me knowif you come across it. It sounds to me like it could be scary. Well, they haven't called dad as the bishop yet. I don't think they willbe redoing the bishopric any time too soon. Everything in the ward seems tobe working fine still so I don't think they see a need. The stake presalways says that our ward is the model ward so why change things. (I didfind a house in Murray that I want to buy. If we moved, they would have tomake some changes. But we know that isn't going to happen.) Teresa Paskettwas married Tuesday. She married Joel Bell. I was able to go to the weddingat the SL Temple. She is so happy! He is a really nice guy. I'm so excitedfor her! We saw Jessica at her reception. (She was in our ward when we werein the 5th ward and was going to the singles ward where Aldo goes.) Sheasked about you. I guess she is going to put in her mission papers onSunday. She is a cute girl. I guess she was kind of friends with Alex Ann.Too bad nothing rubbed off onto Alex. Mari gave me some pictures that she took of you and your pose'. They areawesome! She is going to be sending you a set. Sister Herlin was wonderingwhat you go by down there in Brazil. She was wondering how to say Elder inPortuguese. I told her I would ask. Sorry, it's another long email. I'm sure I'll add to it since I have aweek until your next p-day. I feel so bad that I didn't have an email readyfor you this past p-day. I feel like I lost a week or something. We sentletters to you with some pics so I hope you get them soon, or have gottenthem by the time you are reading this. I love you and miss you just a little bit. I'm so glad that you have thechance to have these learning experiences and the opportunity to serve theLord! Stay strong and humble!
Love Mom