Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mon, Nov 23, 2009

So right now is really stressful.... I am getting transfered to the center of the mission... Santa Maria central. Sweet action huh? Okay, so it depends on when we find out if we are leaving or not. Generally we find out they day of... but there is always that gutt feeling that you will be transfered. So let me tell you what is going on today. Saturday i found out that all the money for elders to be transfered fell into my account. My zone leader told me to get out what was needed for two cause him and elder giles' trainer were off home. So i did. No problems there. Then he called like two minutes later saying to take it all out... well i did. I tried to take out 700R$ in one go... well at that time i didn't know what the heck would happen... the money didn't come out but the ATM registered that it did, and i have spent my enitre P-Day trying to resolve the problem. Lots of phone calls and walking and standing... and still we haven't gotten it taken care of. Its all my fault. I wish i knew a whole lot more. Life would be soooo much easier!
I have spoken in sacrament meeting... it was riddiculous to say the least. Plus the microphone broke so most of the congregation didnt hear me. I spoke about prayer and told them the story of that one day i lost my shoe and you told me to pray and i found it in the kitchen. Remember? Anyways, it was really good.(The story anyways) It was like my 6th week in the field.Okay, so today is transfer day. The next one will be january 4th and every consecutive 6 weeks. That is how we roll down here in brazil.So i really gotta scat, we still got a money and transfer problem to take care of by tonight...Give everyone a big ol hug and a great big beijo(kiss) to the whole family, and tell them that there is no need to fear... I'm on the case!Plus i love the fry-sauce colored brains out of everybody!

Love,Elder Senator ELiott William Wilson
Sorry to those of you that have gotten on once in a while to check on how Eliott is doing. I haven't updated this blog for quite sometime. I don't think I will put all of the past emails up cuz that would get crazy but I will try to put a few highlights on here.