Monday, January 18, 2010

January 11, 2010

Alright!!!! I am very happy today actually! So i am..............................................................................................................................................................NOT the next executive secretary!!!! WONDER OF WONDERS MIRACLE OF MIRACLES!!!! I got put back into the field, but mom, you are right about taking ever advantage to learn while i am out here on the mission. I only have so little of time so i really gotta take the bull by the horns. SO I AM NOW A SENIOR COMPANION!!!!! Ho w stinkin crazy is that!!!!?!?!?!?!?! I totally dont think that i am ready, but apperently i am at least ready to start getting ready cause the pres called me to be so. Also i got a slightly used comp. Elder Bruno(brazillian) has just started his second transfer so i am his step-dad. I expained this in the letters i finally sent off to you guys|!!! Sorry about that. The area that i am in is called Ijuí and i dont know where it is... but it has hills upon hills and my legs are getting pretty buff and i am also burring off the office fat i gained my last transfer. WHoa you guys, that business with Ireland sound like some crazy stuff!!!! Whoa! And one night all that happening.... how insane!! How long will she be there? I hope she learns how to ski to so i can take everyone up to the mountains one year to have a family ski/snowboard trip (me and ulyssa on boards) but that will be in the future... sorry.. No money here... ahdhahahahah. The life of an Elder WIlson is the greatest!!! Oh, and dad, if i find anything that specifically relates to your calling i will be sure to let you know and send all the help that i can to you. I have a fear that the same thing might happen to me one day! But dad, i feel closer to you than i ever have... i think it is because we are engaged in the same marvelous and beoutiful work of bringing people into the flock of the lord and that we really are in His service. Its the greatest hardest thing ever huh?
I am eternally greatful for the sacrifices that you guys have made for me and all the continued support that you guys give me. I only wish i could express more my gratitude... but i cant exactly do a whole ton over the internet. BUT YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am excited to come home and be with you guys again... but not too excited;)
Love your less fat senior comp son on a mission,
Elder Senator Eliott William WIlson

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mon, Nov 23, 2009

So right now is really stressful.... I am getting transfered to the center of the mission... Santa Maria central. Sweet action huh? Okay, so it depends on when we find out if we are leaving or not. Generally we find out they day of... but there is always that gutt feeling that you will be transfered. So let me tell you what is going on today. Saturday i found out that all the money for elders to be transfered fell into my account. My zone leader told me to get out what was needed for two cause him and elder giles' trainer were off home. So i did. No problems there. Then he called like two minutes later saying to take it all out... well i did. I tried to take out 700R$ in one go... well at that time i didn't know what the heck would happen... the money didn't come out but the ATM registered that it did, and i have spent my enitre P-Day trying to resolve the problem. Lots of phone calls and walking and standing... and still we haven't gotten it taken care of. Its all my fault. I wish i knew a whole lot more. Life would be soooo much easier!
I have spoken in sacrament meeting... it was riddiculous to say the least. Plus the microphone broke so most of the congregation didnt hear me. I spoke about prayer and told them the story of that one day i lost my shoe and you told me to pray and i found it in the kitchen. Remember? Anyways, it was really good.(The story anyways) It was like my 6th week in the field.Okay, so today is transfer day. The next one will be january 4th and every consecutive 6 weeks. That is how we roll down here in brazil.So i really gotta scat, we still got a money and transfer problem to take care of by tonight...Give everyone a big ol hug and a great big beijo(kiss) to the whole family, and tell them that there is no need to fear... I'm on the case!Plus i love the fry-sauce colored brains out of everybody!

Love,Elder Senator ELiott William Wilson
Sorry to those of you that have gotten on once in a while to check on how Eliott is doing. I haven't updated this blog for quite sometime. I don't think I will put all of the past emails up cuz that would get crazy but I will try to put a few highlights on here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

HOLY MOLEY TEam!!!I totally loved the group email!! it was magical!! The sad part is is that it makes me miss home really bad!! Things here are good!! No, More than good i am being totally overblessed by being here in my area/mission/ward whatever goes first. Just great people i get to work with... oh, and that family... the marriage and the baptism went perfectly and they were baptized by family so they will most likely stay firm in the church which is MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!I love Elder Leite!! He is such a great elder and is always ready to work. He is a little on the the quiet side... but i think were are bringing him out of his shell more and more every day. The only problem he has it that he is way over critical of himself. Always helping me speak português and i am helping him a little with his english... this mission is just so great! Oh, and he has got the area down pretty good now... hahaha.So the language... i can say any basic phrases, but i need to work on vocabulary a lot, and a little bit more on my grammar, but its not really a huge obstacle anymore just i little trip wire( withiout explosives) Heck, like 5 times already i have almost written in portugues with in the english.NOw some questions...Ulyssa... You rock!!! How is it that you survived that fall? Did you totally destroy your clothes? Why is Ireland gone all the time? How tall is Olie now? When i get back willi still be able to call him Olie? hahahaAny more remodeling going on? Are you guys seriously making a "pick up Elder Elio" fund? No way josé!!! Is there anything that you guys want me to send you? I am sure that i can find some time durring the week to get it preped... or two weeks... ahdhahahahAny friends of mine still visiting the fam? Have you heard from Abby lately?
Anyways, i think i gave more detail in the letter that i sent today. But tell family(that is extended) that they just need to be patient with the letters. There are a million people i am going to convert and i cant do it writting letters all the time, but please let them know that i am so so so so so so so greatful for their prayers and their support and that i cant be having all this success without them!!!
I think that i want to creat a word that can express how much you guys mean to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys until the end of ...
Love Elder Senator ELiott William WIlson
Happy Autumn! I guess it's going on Spring for you. I think I'm kind of jealous, I'm not really too excited for winter. So far, the weather has been great. Nice and cool in the evenings and mornings and just right during the day. (mom lies! its too hot during the day and too cold in the morning. evenings are good though) (its true I would know :) ) Olie! That little stink, sneaking in while I'm trying to make dinner. So how are things? How are you getting along with your new companion? Has he figured out the area yet? How are you doing with the language? Do you feel like you can communicate well yet? I can't wait to have you speak Portuguese when you get home! That is so totally awesome! So many people at church ask how you are doing. Bro and Sis Anderson said to tell you HI. Sis Herlin says Hi. She is so good to ask about you each week. Jimmy is home from the hospital now. He is doing well, but Connie says that he is supposed to exercise and she can't even get him to walk to the mail box. She was going to have the bishop come give him a blessing but she was going to have him do it out side so that Jimmy would at least go that far. I love those guys. There is a young lady in my institute class that served in the Port Alegre mission. That is the mission right next to yours. I talked to her for a few minutes and she said that she is so jealous. She asked if she could write to you. I of course said sure! She was going to get a letter to me to mail of to you, so you can expect a letter from a stranger named Nicole. It's neat the support that we get from people we don't even know but because we are engaged in a righteous cause, we are all on the same team! Institute is amazing. I am learning so much about the Book of Mormon, and the gospel for that matter. I really need to better on my personal studying though. I'm a slacker. I guess I should get up earlier in the morning but I just love the small amount of sleep I get. I know, I shouldn't whine. But the last two weeks have been nuts! I leave at 7 in the morning and don't get home until after 9 in the evening. I've had YW, class and choir after work and or school and then dad and I celebrated our 21 anniversary. I think this coming week shouldn't be as crazy. At least I sure hope not. So dad fixed a bike for Ulyssa to use and 10 minutes after she got on it, she biffed it big time! She has road rash from her ankle to her shoulder. It looks like it hurts so bad! I'll add some pictures. It's really gross! (Oh, the pic of the egg is because it was the vernal equinox and Sis Johnson called and left a message on the phone reminding us that we could stand an egg on it's end. So we did. Cool neighbors!) I talked to Sis Giles. Kevin is in the CTM for another 2 weeks and then he will be out in the field. You may run into him soon! That would be so cool. You kids could make a super duo! Love Mom!

Ireland loves her big brother on a mission! That's basically all I wanted to say! =] and you're the best!!

sorry Ireland but i love him more! :) not very much to say except that i totally biffed on that old red bike that we have! dad got the tubes fixed so it was rideable so i rode around the block and when i came back Oliver wanted to race so he went first and i timed him then it was my turn, as i was going really fast around the corner i hit the gutter too hard and it popped up and came out from under neath me and both me and the bike slid about 3 ft. on the gravel!! after lying there for a couple seconds i got up and rode the bike home! now i have rode burns all up my right side!! crazy huh??? well that's pretty much the most exciting news! um.. . .... ... I'm getting great grades which I'm very happy of/for! ? well i love ya lots hope your having a fantastic time!! love your favorite ulyssa zoe wilson! :)

The Dad wants to say a word or two about things in which the dad has a thing or two to say about that. Elder Elio!!! Sis. kay & Bro. Dale Labrum just asked about you. Sis Kay is soo excited every time we talk about you! Things are good here... worked has picked up. We are working pretty hard. Oliver & Ulyssa are now the cleaning crew, and though they asked for the job, they are whining about it now. I told them they NEED to do this, it will build character, heh, heh, heh. Mom's working a few more hours. We are going to put that in the 'Trip to pick up Eliott fund'. Church is good, the new YM President is cool, and knowledgeable. Trevor was ordained a Priest last week by Jake, and blessed the sacrament today....not sure exactly why, but it was awesome and I even got a little teary eyed. So....I'm in Bishopric meeting this morning and i look down to see a huge spider on the furnace. It looked like one of our jelly bean spiders, but very dark. It touched it and it ran into the furnace I guess he will visit again. We did night games a couple weeks ago, it was fun, but the sad part is I'm pretty much the quickest person there. The youth did a Geo-Caching thing last week and had a lot o fun. They all come out on Tuesdays, not many on Sundays. Home is also good, though we don't see much of Ireland like we used to. Ulyssa is getting good grades, Oliver is promising to get better grades, which he can. He has kind of let his hard classes get away from him. We now have a computer! We plan on taking on some theater animation projects, where we can use I, & U's talents. We been to the theater quite a bit, and plan to invite a bunch to come to SLCC's School House Rock musical to celebrate the mom's b-day. Xander just turned 3, Kaydence will be 1 soon. Chance looks pretty good in short hair, and wee bit of a goatee. We hope to stay with Cherie & Shaun in Coalville for conference. Love conference!!! Dinner.... ...okay that was good (and fast huh) baked potatoes, cheese, sour cream tomatoes & bacon. We are suppose to make desert while the girls are at choir. Oh, one more family thing... while at Xander's b-day party, Jared, Troy & I decided that at the Fuller Family Christmas party we are going to race pinewood derbies....that should be fun, and probably really irritate G-Ma Boop. Well, (deep) that's what dad want to say about that....and that all dad has to say about that thing in which, of which, here to for, dad will say about this....LovesYa!!!!
Hey Big Brother! =D he! I really just wanted to say hi and just to let you know I miss you but so proud of you for being on a mission I love you so much love Oliver

Monday, September 7, 2009

My letter:

We went to Oliver's play on Friday. It was great. Olie got to have a few speaking lines because one of the other guys was gone. Aunt Cherie and Uncle Shaun were there. Olie even did a tribute to Uncle Shaunie by doing the Uncle Shaunie dance during the play. It was hilarious! It was a good crowd. The play really touches on a lot of thing missionaries and their families go through. The mom is complaining that she isn't getting any details in her sons letters (sound familiar?), and the missionary gets stuck with a companion that is at the end of his mission and is ready to come home. The lazy companion complains about the letters he gets from home because they ask if he has had any baptisms and that's all he has heard for two years! He says " This is where pride was invented. This isn't South Freakin' America!" hehehe The trunky companion (played by Jeremy Pace) says that if they reduce their efforts to 10 percent and just sit, they will get the same results with less work. Of course in the end, Elder Preston shows him the error of his ways. So no sitting! (If they do a video of it, we'll get one and you can see it when you get home. I'm sure you'll have an appreciation for it!

Any thing we can do for you? Are you needing anything yet? I know you had said you wanted your head lamp. You may have to wait until Christmas time. How is your new companion, Elder Milk? Is he a hard worker? I hope you are well matched this time! How is the language coming? Do you feel like you can speak at all yet? It has only been 3 months. There is a girl in our institute class that just got back from the Port Alegre Mission and another guy that served in Brazil, so if you start writing in Portuguese only, no worries, I can get it translated! There's always Roseanne although they have decided to go to the ward they live in so we never see them.

Eliott's reply:

What was the name of Oliver's play? It does sound like fun!!! I would love to see it when i get back! We could make a whole night of it!! Woopie!! Go my rockstar brother!! I know this Dude is gonna be famous.. at least on youtube... hahaha. Oh man... it may have been a good thing that i was n't there cause i probably would have peed my pants... ahahahah. Mom, my brother is rockin!!
ok, ok. I get the hint. I can write more to you!! You guys are now hanging out again with the paces?!! YEAH!!! I miss the crrap out of those guys!!! Well, it is true that baptisms happen more often, but its because the people are prepared to hear... not cause the missionaries are the best. No sitting is right... heck.. my new companion has a hard time making up his mind where to go and we usualy back track the same spot about three times a day, but no worries, he is still getting used to the area. He is a good worker, but he freaks out a little when he forgets stuff and a little hard on himself. He needs to relax just a little bit. Well matched i think. I am taller than him too;) I think i have been really blessed. My first two companions were on the opposite sides of the spectrum so therefore i can learn from both and be perfectly in the middle! right on huh? Holiday today too... everything is fechado!! crazy. Usually the center of the city has a significant amount of people... but not today. Brazil Independance i think.

Okay, so there is this family that has been being taught for about three transfers now i think. The Dad is a member of a couple of years and his wife was baptized but never confirmed or records were lost or something(and she smokes now). They have two kids. One is married and has the cuttest little brazillian baby you have ever seen!!! I bet dad would die to hold her. I kinda am. Anyways... And the other is about 15 i think and he loves videogames. We were there last night and Elder Leite taught about repentance and stuff and we are trying to get these guys into the water. It was a great lesson and the spirit was way strong there, but that wasn't the best part. The best part is when William (son-in-law) said the closing prayer... Oh my heck!!! i almost cried!!!! and he really really wants to be baptized with his spouse!!! It is so awesome to see what the spirit can do for these people. I know that we do some but i think all i can do is be there for support and do my best to invite them to open their hearts to the spirit... but all is well. We are expecting about 17 or 18 baptizms for the four of us in the next three weeks!!! Sweet action huh? Hey, any idea how scott is doing?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hopefully Eliott will be able to give explanations to the photos soon. It's sure fun to see some of the sights and people. I think he is happy serving!