Friday, October 16, 2009

HOLY MOLEY TEam!!!I totally loved the group email!! it was magical!! The sad part is is that it makes me miss home really bad!! Things here are good!! No, More than good i am being totally overblessed by being here in my area/mission/ward whatever goes first. Just great people i get to work with... oh, and that family... the marriage and the baptism went perfectly and they were baptized by family so they will most likely stay firm in the church which is MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!I love Elder Leite!! He is such a great elder and is always ready to work. He is a little on the the quiet side... but i think were are bringing him out of his shell more and more every day. The only problem he has it that he is way over critical of himself. Always helping me speak português and i am helping him a little with his english... this mission is just so great! Oh, and he has got the area down pretty good now... hahaha.So the language... i can say any basic phrases, but i need to work on vocabulary a lot, and a little bit more on my grammar, but its not really a huge obstacle anymore just i little trip wire( withiout explosives) Heck, like 5 times already i have almost written in portugues with in the english.NOw some questions...Ulyssa... You rock!!! How is it that you survived that fall? Did you totally destroy your clothes? Why is Ireland gone all the time? How tall is Olie now? When i get back willi still be able to call him Olie? hahahaAny more remodeling going on? Are you guys seriously making a "pick up Elder Elio" fund? No way josé!!! Is there anything that you guys want me to send you? I am sure that i can find some time durring the week to get it preped... or two weeks... ahdhahahahAny friends of mine still visiting the fam? Have you heard from Abby lately?
Anyways, i think i gave more detail in the letter that i sent today. But tell family(that is extended) that they just need to be patient with the letters. There are a million people i am going to convert and i cant do it writting letters all the time, but please let them know that i am so so so so so so so greatful for their prayers and their support and that i cant be having all this success without them!!!
I think that i want to creat a word that can express how much you guys mean to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys until the end of ...
Love Elder Senator ELiott William WIlson

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