Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24th New companion

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!Guess what!?!?! Okay, i will tell you. I now only have one companion. He is so dang cool! i got switched from two comps to one cause i was having trouble with one of them and i just wanted help. I was taliking to the pres and he said... okay, lets move you. So yeah... Anyways, this week has been wonderful! the temple was totally freaking awesome and amazing! this week we have been practicing our lesson 1 about the restoration a lot (in portuguese) and i still totally suck, but i feel like i am catching on a little bit more and i will probably be fluent in about a week, so no worries. I am doing even more better, and the CTM is getting even more crowded... still no elder giles =( Oh yeah, i guess i won´t see him until i am like totally fluent.
HOw is life at home? i hope nobody died from the pig flu again. that would be just terrible!!! Anything i should know or anything like that? well anyways, i just thought i would tell you that i am doing well and that i think about you guys, not too often, but i still miss you!!!!
LOV YOU FAMILY!!!! talk to you around christmas... =)

June 17th Feeling better

OH BOY MOM!!!!! I love getting emails from home!!!! I don´t even care if it is short or long or medium length! It just makes me happy to hear from you! Did you know that I don´t get to call you until Christmas?!!!!!! By then I will be totally fluent and maybe beginning the stages of forgetting English!!! I can´t wait!!!! I actually have been getting your letters! I hve gotten two from home, and one from Chelcy who is getting married. That is all I have heard of anybody, but I email McKel. I have been writing a bunch though. I think in the three p-days I have had I have been able to send off like 15-18 letters!! So yeah, it just takes a long time for the mail to go to and fro. I guess it takes like a whole month for an actual reply to the letter so I will be expecting like 4 within the next week ;)I bet you can tell, I am feeling much better about the mission! I am also thinking less and less about wanting to go home and quitting cause it is too hard ( to be honest I had those thoughts often) but I am making progress… Even though it is still hard. Honestly the language of Portugese isn´t really all that difficult. It makes a lot of sense to me and I like how it is latin based and I also learn a lot about my own English vocabulary. The hard part is speaking it. I can usually translate a lot of what the brazillians say to me, I just have like a brain fart when I want to respond. Hey mom, say fart…… hahahahahaha!!! I love it. That is so weird to hear about your cousin. I am sure that it makes you feel sad even though you haven´t seen him for a really long time. I guess it would just hit home how real the swine flu is huh? So, I just gotta say I wish I had a camera today at and in the temple. Even though it was my third time being there is just seemed so much more beautiful, also the fact that today is totally gorgeous outside whereas last week was raining. I just love the temple and how you can just feel the spirit and almost… just almost be in the presence of the Lord!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you family!! And I will try and write better…. Even though I am getting totally awesome!

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 10th

Holy Moley!! That was one crazy long email!! I just wish I could read fast. I think I will need some addresses, cause all I got is home address so... yeah. I am doing better, but still struggling with the language. The spirit is really helping me through everything though. I would be curled up in a little corner if it were't for the awesome guys in my district and for the two wickedly sweet instructors that i have. Umm... too many questions to keep track of!! My companions' names are Samuel Ball and Jordan Downey. Both cool guys, but this lifestyle takes some getting used to. It is cool to hear about everything going on in the ward, and I am totally PROUD OF JAKE!!!! let him know that and that I await his letter=) hehehe. Dad, when I get back I am going to have THE COOLEST BUG COLLECTION FOR YOU.... if my companions dont kill them first...No worries about the animals...I know not to eat or touch unless I know what it is. You guys are good teachers!! Yay!!!! they went to Hobé!!!! the bestplace ever.... second only to my mission!!! hahaha. It sounds like life is good for you guys, and I hope that you are still laughing at family prayer... I miss that the most. The only time my district laughs at prayer is when somebody farts and that actually happens a lot cuase of alll the beans.... =P
I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!I will keep on workng for you!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 3, 2009

Sim, wednesday is my p-day. Its is pertty awesome. except the day after we have no gym and that makes the day soooooo long! This is the hardest thing that i have ever done. I thought that i was close to ready before i left, but i had no idea!!!!! The language is hard and trying to learn the gospel and understand everyone and still stay sane is quite the challenge! I was about to break down yesterday, but another elder in my district beat me to it. He asked me to give him a blessing... How could i refuse? It was really cool to feel the love between everybody and how awesome it was to feel the spirit!! Sorry mom, but i haven´t really been keeping track of much detail. I am doing my best to stay focused on learning the language and gospel that time flies by soo stinkin fast!!! Today is the beginning of my third week!!! Isn´t that absolutel mind boggling?!?! Ha ha, the trip was pretty smooth sailing besides the lack of sleep. No problems with luggage, customs, or transportation so it was pretty nice. So guess what... it is winter down here... and it actually gets pretty cold in Brazil? Who knew? It is soooo nice to hear from you!! its no exaggeration that missionaries like myself live letter to letter, and emails count. Its hard without hugs or people i feel like i can vent to. I hope i grow up soon so i don´t end up in the fetal position in the corner. Just want to let you know that i am doing my best here, and that i LOVE YOU GUYS SO STINKING MUCH!!!!! i gotta hurry and end this email before i short out the keyboard...;) LOVE YOU!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Limited time only!
See ya in two years!

Can you say cheese?!

The fam(mostly)