Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 17th Feeling better

OH BOY MOM!!!!! I love getting emails from home!!!! I don´t even care if it is short or long or medium length! It just makes me happy to hear from you! Did you know that I don´t get to call you until Christmas?!!!!!! By then I will be totally fluent and maybe beginning the stages of forgetting English!!! I can´t wait!!!! I actually have been getting your letters! I hve gotten two from home, and one from Chelcy who is getting married. That is all I have heard of anybody, but I email McKel. I have been writing a bunch though. I think in the three p-days I have had I have been able to send off like 15-18 letters!! So yeah, it just takes a long time for the mail to go to and fro. I guess it takes like a whole month for an actual reply to the letter so I will be expecting like 4 within the next week ;)I bet you can tell, I am feeling much better about the mission! I am also thinking less and less about wanting to go home and quitting cause it is too hard ( to be honest I had those thoughts often) but I am making progress… Even though it is still hard. Honestly the language of Portugese isn´t really all that difficult. It makes a lot of sense to me and I like how it is latin based and I also learn a lot about my own English vocabulary. The hard part is speaking it. I can usually translate a lot of what the brazillians say to me, I just have like a brain fart when I want to respond. Hey mom, say fart…… hahahahahaha!!! I love it. That is so weird to hear about your cousin. I am sure that it makes you feel sad even though you haven´t seen him for a really long time. I guess it would just hit home how real the swine flu is huh? So, I just gotta say I wish I had a camera today at and in the temple. Even though it was my third time being there is just seemed so much more beautiful, also the fact that today is totally gorgeous outside whereas last week was raining. I just love the temple and how you can just feel the spirit and almost… just almost be in the presence of the Lord!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you family!! And I will try and write better…. Even though I am getting totally awesome!

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