Monday, June 15, 2009

June 10th

Holy Moley!! That was one crazy long email!! I just wish I could read fast. I think I will need some addresses, cause all I got is home address so... yeah. I am doing better, but still struggling with the language. The spirit is really helping me through everything though. I would be curled up in a little corner if it were't for the awesome guys in my district and for the two wickedly sweet instructors that i have. Umm... too many questions to keep track of!! My companions' names are Samuel Ball and Jordan Downey. Both cool guys, but this lifestyle takes some getting used to. It is cool to hear about everything going on in the ward, and I am totally PROUD OF JAKE!!!! let him know that and that I await his letter=) hehehe. Dad, when I get back I am going to have THE COOLEST BUG COLLECTION FOR YOU.... if my companions dont kill them first...No worries about the animals...I know not to eat or touch unless I know what it is. You guys are good teachers!! Yay!!!! they went to Hobé!!!! the bestplace ever.... second only to my mission!!! hahaha. It sounds like life is good for you guys, and I hope that you are still laughing at family prayer... I miss that the most. The only time my district laughs at prayer is when somebody farts and that actually happens a lot cuase of alll the beans.... =P
I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!I will keep on workng for you!!!

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Shannon said...

Fun! Sounds like he is doing well. Love the update.