Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24th New companion

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!Guess what!?!?! Okay, i will tell you. I now only have one companion. He is so dang cool! i got switched from two comps to one cause i was having trouble with one of them and i just wanted help. I was taliking to the pres and he said... okay, lets move you. So yeah... Anyways, this week has been wonderful! the temple was totally freaking awesome and amazing! this week we have been practicing our lesson 1 about the restoration a lot (in portuguese) and i still totally suck, but i feel like i am catching on a little bit more and i will probably be fluent in about a week, so no worries. I am doing even more better, and the CTM is getting even more crowded... still no elder giles =( Oh yeah, i guess i won´t see him until i am like totally fluent.
HOw is life at home? i hope nobody died from the pig flu again. that would be just terrible!!! Anything i should know or anything like that? well anyways, i just thought i would tell you that i am doing well and that i think about you guys, not too often, but i still miss you!!!!
LOV YOU FAMILY!!!! talk to you around christmas... =)

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